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Re: pickup parts in greatest demand / short supply?

3/21/2006 12:46 PM
Re: pickup parts in greatest demand / short supply?
1) .025" Tele/Strat rod mags for one, especially Alnico 2 (but A3/4/5 too), and some flatwork pre-punched for .025's, but the holes plenty snug. I'm looking for better string coverage with normal spacing, particularly on the neck pu.  
2) Speaking of that, how about "neck-spaced" Strat/Tele flatwork, a la Chris Kinman? Or even bridge-spaced too?  
3) It would also be nice to have some humbucker bobbins with a vertical notch in the end of the bobbin (not the end of the top or bottom lips, the end of the middle) to bury the start lead for more room to get more wire on the bobbin cleanly.  
4) Depending on what I find out about Alnico 6 and 7, maybe some A6/7 bars and rods? (Don't laugh -- I have customers that really like A8 bars...)  
5) Good, cheap cream bobbins -- I'm tired of paying $5.50 a set at Guitar Jones. And that cut-off on the bottom lip of the Guitar Jones bobbins drives me nuts (what is it supposed to be, a bobbin or a clip-wing Spitfire?) If only those Stew Mac bobbins weren't so pink/tan...  
6) #42.5 AWG plain enamel. It would be ideal for a 5.0k to 6.5k humbucker coil when you want to make mid-output pickups.  
7) Maybe some stack bobbins?  
8) Affordable P90 parts.  
I'm sure I'll come up with a few more later...

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