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Re: The proper way for reverse winding of humbuckers

3/20/2006 5:05 PM
Re: The proper way for reverse winding of humbuckers
"No. Both coils are same-wound. The outer leads become the series link."  
That's what I thought (same-wound). Though I think it's six and half-a-dozen if the starts or the finishes are the series link. As long as the screw coil is South so it's in phase with most other makers' pickups, it should be fine. Or so I think -- I'm fairly new at this.  
I do make a lot of mismatched coils, some by as high as 1k (typically about half that), so I figured there'd be a little extra hum, but not nearly as much as a single coil. I'm still convinced that's true, certainly from my own experience playing my own pickups out on gigs -- but a lot of my customers play with really REALLY high gain, which would magnify even the tiniest bit of hum or other noise relative to the signal like a compressor.  
Anyway, one guy described the tone of my mismatches as "P90 top with humbucker mid and bottom", which is pretty much what I'm shooting for.

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