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The proper way for reverse winding of humbuckers

3/20/2006 1:12 PM
The proper way for reverse winding of humbuckers
I've made some humbuckers for folks and occasionally I get complaints about hum or buzz anyway, though so far only under high gain situations. Even so, I'm starting to think my approach to RWRP'ing the two coils might be wrong.  
I wind both coils clockwise (viewed from above) but join the the two starts together to make the coil junction, which means the two finishes become the hot and ground leads.  
Should it be that one coil is wound clockwise, the other counter, and you join start-to-finish for the junction instead of start-to-start?

Wolfe Macleod No. Both coils are same-wound. The ... -- 3/20/2006 3:17 PM