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Pressing polepiece slugs 101

3/7/2006 8:16 PM
Wolfe MacleodPressing polepiece slugs 101
After successfully soldering and taping your bobbin, we need to insert polepieces.  
First, place your bobbin on a U-shaped fixture that looks similar to a tuning fork. If you do not have this, then placing your bobbin on two magnets will suffice. You need to have these magnets seperated, so the slugs can fit between them.  
Using a nylon dowel that has been smoothed and deburred on one end, place it in your drill press.  
Next, shoose a selection of polepiec slugs that look appealing. Slugs should have a similar appearance, and should not deviate much.  
Place bobbin under nylon dowel which is located in your drill press. Place slugs in hole, and pull down on drill press handle.  
Slugs should not prodtrude above the top of the bobbin, nor should they sit under and crate dips.  
Slugs should be as flush as possible to the top of the bobbin.  
You are now finished.