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Re: Brought to you by the word "MUD"

1/8/2006 10:56 AM
Steve Dallman
Re: Brought to you by the word "MUD"
If you get to see the Cream Reunion Concert from last May, you'll get to see and hear Bruce using a Gibson EB, violin shaped bass with just the neck humbucker. Later he switches to his fretless Warwick with the two J type pickups near the bridge.  
The Gibson is just muddy and low making it hard to create the old sonic interplay between Clapton and Bruce. It is audible, but fills no space, except for the very low end.  
The Warwick had much more presence, especially in the mids and upper mids. But the tone was far too clean to emulate Cream tones of the late 60's.  
His two Hartke stacks had wildly different eq curves. I don't know if one stack was for one bass an the otherhead for the other bass, or if both were used at the same time.  
Bruce was able to get into midrange territory with Cream's early Marshall rigs. Both he and Clapton tried the old rigs in practice, but each quickly abandoned the Marshalls in favor of the amps they have been using in recent years, which meant Hartke for Bruce, and tweed Twins for Clapton.

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