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Re: tinkering with a humbucker

12/30/2005 10:47 PM
ScottRe: tinkering with a humbucker
Gots one in the neck. I had a 15+K Ibanez piece-O  
shyte and rods drastically sent it in a brighter  
open tone in the bridge position. The neck pos.  
is really nice, but the screw/bar mag coil was  
changed to a 4K coil. Great pup, a bit bright  
for bridge though. The split mode is sweet, but  
it is a 7.8K wind. Vol. roll-off gets into the strat  
FYI, SK has smoking reviews( his  
"Dual Tones". Basically a bar mag coil and a  
rod coil. Select between P90 thang, Fendery thang  
and/or humbucker. Again the HB mode is not like  
a PAF, at least my tinkerings anyways. I like  
better than standard HB'ers as I prefer P90's.