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Re: Surh's new noiseless single coil system

11/15/2005 1:14 PM
moocowRe: Surh's new noiseless single coil system
The Blueshawk uses an magnet-less pickup bobbin for a dummy coil. We're trying to find prior art for a large circular or rectangular dummy coil, which is what is covered in that patent.  
Well, I did some more reading and it turns out Gibson didn't use a dummycoil at all in the Nighthawk. Thanks for the misinformation, S.A.! As for the Fender Elite, there is a drawing of the dummy coil in a book about Fender guitars and it shows a large, circular loop of wire. However, the wiring layout shows that the dummy coil is a pickup bobbin, which is the common approach to dummy coil 'design':  
It appears my discussion of a circular dummy coil was 'original', even though I thought I stole the idea from Fender. If all guitar makers have only used pickup bobbins to make their dummy coils, the I think the patent should be valid.

Its not me..... Its not a Nighthawk it was the Blue... -- 11/15/2005 7:13 PM