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The Phase Thread

7/20/2005 12:56 AM
Andrew C
The Phase Thread
Don't know where this might lead but here is some info for y'all.  
(CW = clockwise/black left wind)  
(CCW = counterclockwise/black right wind)  
N=North polarity  
S=South polarity  
Phase is either 0 or 180 degrees  
Tonerider Strat Necks All models  
CW S Phase O  
Dimarzio Blue Velvet Neck  
CCW N Phase 0  
Fender Master Greate 50s Neck  
CW S Phase 0  
Harmonic Design Texas Blues Neck  
CCW S Phase 180  
Kent Armstrong KST-52 Neck  
CW N Phase 180  
Fralin Real 54 Neck  
CW S Phase 0  
Shecter Monster Tone Neck  
CCW S Phase 180  
Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro Neck  
CCW S Phase 180  
Seymour Duncan Antiquity Neck  
CW N Phase 180  
Van Zandt True Vintage Neck  
CW S Phase 0  
Voodoo ST50s Neck  
CW N Phase 180  
My thoughts  
1. Its a pretty intimidating world for the pup changer.  
2. Fender has not been consistant over the years, hence the inconsistencies in "reproduction" style pups.  
3. Fender is pretty consistent now in using Phase 0 pups, so why not follow them? After all, there are no Intellectual Property issues relating to coil phase (OUCH here comes Dimarzio, hehe). FMIC even maintain this consistency right down to their China made Squier lines.  
4. Phase 0 for necks puts you in pretty good company.  
5. Others may add their info to the list and it may grow. Jason? Dave? Spence?  
Andrew C.

Spence I just try to follow in the footste... -- 7/20/2005 1:13 PM
Steve A. Andrew:  ... -- 7/25/2005 8:53 AM