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Re: Ceramic is not evil at all

5/23/2005 12:29 AM
Larry N
Re: Ceramic is not evil at all
Dave, I'm a big fan of Chris Cain's tone and I even have a Music Man amp like his. (RD50-112) Anything else you can say about his pickups or where I can go to find out something? Anyway, FWIW, the last old Gibson P-90 I had was 8.8K. I'm gonna have to try a cheaper bar mag pickup in the bridge spot just for the heck of it. My friend has a Sqiure that sounds real good in all positions with the single bar, 5K-ish pickups. Of course, much of it is him!  
Re: Humbuckers with ceramic - My buddy Steve Kimock has these old DiMarzio pickups with Allen-screws in his Guitar Lab Explorer, that I took apart because they sound so amazing. They had the big Alembic-style ceramics and were stock 60's Gibson T-top coils with the same resistance (7.5K-ish) It is a big mahogany guitar, so that may just be a good combination.

Dave Stephens Chris Cain told me his pickups are ... -- 5/23/2005 4:26 AM