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Re: huh???

5/7/2005 8:53 AM
PAFRe: huh???
"I honestly don't buy using X-ray or high tech as a medium of choice" = I as in MY OWN CHOICE and OPINION.  
"Given that original '59 PAF's are going for $10k" = The keyword here is ORIGINAL, NOT REPLICA. If a REPLICA can sell for 1/2 as much, I'm sure SeDu or DiMa won't hesitate on investing their financial resources on mentioned technology.  
"I did simple X-ray diffraction on bent platinum wire"= your test was on direct contact/access to the test medium. vs. Xraying a HB. HB has a metal cover which cover the test medium (Alnico bar). And beside, your test medium was PLATINUM not a MAGNETIZED ALNICO BAR.

Dr. Strangelove PAF wrote:[QUOTE]"I honestly don't ... -- 5/7/2005 12:38 PM