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Re: Staggered poles

3/24/2005 10:27 AM
Jim Cooper
Re: Staggered poles
Thanks for the responses guys, It's helpful hints like these that eases the pain of buying endless parts on the trust of advertising hype. I just might sell the '69's and try something a little hotter. OR... I've got a pawnshop Washburn that I bought 'cause it was cheap & busted, but cute. I fooled around and fixed it, and though it is still just a "cheapie", the pickups in that little junker really have a great sound. In fact they ARE the sound that I've been trying for with the Strat. I don't have a clue who makes the pups for Washburn but they Ohm out 5.26k Neck, 5.35k Mid, & 5.47k Bridge. All a little less than the 69's. I know that just ohming pups isn't a real good measure of performance, but it's the only means of comparing the two that I have other than hearing them side by side. The size of everything in the Washburn is almost a clone of a Strat and I'm seriously thinking of swapping out the whole package into the Strat. I guess sometimes it isn't how much you spend, but what you get that makes you happy!

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