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Re: My Observations

3/20/2005 10:09 AM
Steve Dallman
Re: My Observations
I agree it's the distance between the pickups. I've added a single coil pickup to the middle of many guitars over the years. Even using single coil sized "humbucking" designs (Bill Lawrence, PJ Marx, Duncan, EMG Selects, OBL, etc) in all cases, I could achieve Quack in the guitar...  
...except for 24 fret guitars. If the neck and bridge pickups are too close, the resultant quack with an added middle pickup is reduced.  
I even got it from one of those Gibson bolt neck solid bodies from the Norlin era with the epoxy potted, "Super Humbuckers) when adding an EMG Select to the middle. The Selects are blade type humbuckers.  
The less high end and clarity the middle pickup has, the less quack there is.  
I worked on a guy's BC Rich that had 24 frets, two single coils and a bridge humbucker. He wanted to change the neckpickup to a full sized humbucker.  
This placed the neck pickup very close to the middle pickup. The results? There was some degree of quack using the bridge and middle pickup, and very little using the neck and middle.  
Back when we used 3 position Strats we learned to get the switch set in positions 2 & 4. These Strats buzzed in all positions, including 2 & 4, indicating no reverse wound coils.

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