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Re: First look at inexpensive humbucker

2/15/2005 3:06 PM
Re: First look at inexpensive humbucker
Hi, nice to hear you could find it, I'm not sure about it if it ís formvar...about the count of coils i could wound with 2 spools: 2 coils of a hoffner bass humbucker(apr. 9000 turns together, one split precision (2 coils; about 11000 turns together) and an overwind P'51-clone of my own make which i gave 8850 turns till the moment I run out off wire...I don't think thats so bad....P.S. the first 4 coils I did hand-tensioned ! the last i did a first run with the auto-traverse and the tensioner as discribed in Jason Lollar's book, it worked very well, only I think that I did give a bit to much tension on the wire, but beginner I am, lets say I am not sure about that( 8850 turns measured 10,8 Kohm.)  
Cheers, Marcel

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