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Re: felt tensioner ?

2/14/2005 4:58 PM
Re: felt tensioner ?
WOW, Fred, that's a high tech tensioner you've got there, I think I would have one of these on my "Lolar-design'-winder, but i'm not sure if I am capable to make such a device like that and I am sure that something like this isn't for sale here at all, or maybe for exsorbitant prices, However, The idea of adding a spring under the control-knob will work out great ! in that case you have: the bottom of the extension-arm, a felt-ring (I did use adhasive felt) a fine velvet ring, THE WIRE, the second velvet ring, the second felt ring, a metal spacer (diam. aproxably same as the felt ring, then we add the spring, and than the control knob...  
The spring will make the adjustment-range bigger.  
finely this will result in a very sensetive-adjustable ( and afordable) tension-adjustment divice like it can be made by everyone, with all of respects....  
Cheers ! Marcel