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Re: magnetizing A5

2/4/2005 10:44 AM
Re: magnetizing A5
Thanks, Andrew, Your advice tells a lot...  
I use a tiny Ne-35 magnet (round 8x5 mm) to trigger the reedswitch for the counter, wich works very well, only.....its on the back off the winders faceplate, dumbass as I am, not being awared off its strengt, this probably is the cause of the problem, living and learning, they say....I'll remove it and place the reedswitch to the pully side of the winder, hoping that's far enough...  
Just the beginner I am I do not know yet where to get all the stuff I need, magnet wire is realy hard to get in the Netherlands, where I live  
the size of the magnet you discribe is not in the catalogue so I'll contact your provider !  
BTW Idon't have a gym-card at all, so I hope my biceps can handle this exercise...;-) GREAT !  

Jeff G SK sells magnets that fit the bill,... -- 2/5/2005 5:37 PM