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magnetizing A5

2/4/2005 6:53 AM
magnetizing A5
Hi, everybody  
Seems to have very weakened magnets in my first "home-made" pup. Now i want to remagnetize them, but never done this before so i have some questions;  
*Wich type of magnet is the best for this job ? i can choose between N-38SH or N-35M (are they both Neodynium ?)  
*How large should these magnets be ?  
*How many times is required to get the right strength ? Note; the pup has rod-magnets. single-coil. bass (like '51 p-bass) 8850 turns 44awg-10,8K.  
Any help would be very appreciated.  

Andrew C. Hi Marcel,I can't a... -- 2/4/2005 10:02 AM