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first born

1/28/2005 6:53 PM
first born
hello, everyone at this forum,  
i've followed the discussions here for a time, bought Jason's book, build the winder (it works !!!)and rewound a Hofner-bass humbucker with good result.  
this PU was originaly wound with gauge 44 wich is about 0.05mm  
then i made a bobin like the '51-p-bass and wounded it with the same core, about 8850 turns...  
this PU works, but sounds a litlle weak, although it mesures 10,8 k. is it the magnets that are not strong enough , or am i doing something wrong?the magnets are supplied by Conrad and they are discribed as Alnico 500, so i had some very big expectations.....  
please make me wiser....  
Thanks instead  

Fred Hammon Hi Marcel.So you've been lu... -- 1/29/2005 8:17 PM