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Re: Alnico Magnet Types

1/1/2005 2:04 PM
anonymousRe: Alnico Magnet Types
Dr Stangelove wrote:
"Then produce or get off the toilet. We take our magnet seriously here"
Oh yes, me too. I'm currently producing about 100 or more pickups a month, give or take, for one of the largest guitar companies in the world, for OEM and Japanese distribution. I'll be at the NAMM show in January. While I won't be displaying my product, my client will.  
I've been dealing with AZ for a number of years, and I'm currently also dealing with Seymour's supplier for bar magnets, so they're running 58 cents each.  
Buying wire by the 30 pound cases, pole screws and slugs by the 10,000.  
I'm producing quite a bit. =)

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