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Re: Insulating baseplate from Alnico magnet

12/2/2004 4:38 AM
Dave StephensRe: Insulating baseplate from Alnico magnet
You miss the whole point of the baseplate. Screw the eddy currents and theory, no one can adequately explain what a tele base plate really does. If you want it to sound like a tele and your pickup isn't way overwound you need that base plate. I think originally it was just meant as a mouting plate, but it draws the magnetic field down and thickens the sound and softens the highs on a bridge pickup under the 8K range. Overwound over that you dont' need a base plate. Your bridge and base plate must also be STEEL if you want true tele sound, no brass plated six saddles crap. You either want a real tele sound or something else. No one has adequately explained the magnetics and voodoo that a vintage tele has going on in the bridge, baseplate, and 3 saddle that is tradition. It works, if you want something else in the tone abandon it all and don't use a baseplate and any of the rest of it. Its all about what TONE you want. Dont' try to get too intellectual about some of this stuff, because some of what works really can't be truly explained in detail, it works so use it or not....

Dr. Strangelove Dave Stevens wrote:[QUOTE]Screw the... -- 12/2/2004 6:57 AM