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Repotting ceramic humbuckers

11/27/2004 7:50 AM
Dwight ListmayerRepotting ceramic humbuckers
Would repotting the 497R and 500T on my Les Paul Classic, help give me a gentler, smoother tone with less brute power and harshness? I do not want to change any pots, capacitors or wiring on this one. It is to remain original. So, I was wondering about oversaturating the coils. Also, I won't remove the wrapping so it'll probably be a mess. I have new pickups standing by in case of failure. Thanks. Strat man Dwight

Andrew C. Dwight,I have no id... -- 11/27/2004 8:32 AM
Kyle Cavanaugh Your only decent bet of any sort is... -- 11/27/2004 5:11 PM