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Re: Pro Players & Duncan/Dimarzio

9/1/2004 4:37 AM
Dave StephensRe: Pro Players & Duncan/Dimarzio
Josh: man you can BET if some guitar player is getting alot of press that Seymour is going to hand wind that pickup for him/her. Jeff Beck doesn't have to buy stock pickups, duh. Then once the player gets the right tone, Seymour or whoever is going to go to the computerized winder and try to replicate it.  
Or they send the recipe and specs off to Korea and what comes back comes back. All of EMG's Select pickups are wound in Korea for example, they aren't active pickups and they universally suck. I suspect that most of EMGs coils are wound in Korea, I never saw any coils being wound when I was there but I could be wrong.  
EMG was my client for over 12 years and I know those guys inside and out. I find it funny that they now sell fully wired strat pickguards based on some known guitar player; when I was there Rob Turner would rant about "guitar whores" who would endorse anything they could get for free and he would have no part of it. He was kinda right, I saw some of our Shrapnel guys endorsing 3 different guitar company's products, and in reality they never played those guitars on stage or tour. But they got free guitars.  
For a pickup maker having a "name" is the bitch. Getting known is a huge hurdle. How long did it take Jason? 20 years or so right? Ouch. Being Shrapnel's album art designer for almost 20 years you would think I would have an "in" with their star guitar players that I deal with on a daily basis.....NOT. So far none of them will talk to me about it and its because I don't have a "name." I figure a minimum of 5 years to even start getting known unless you're the next door and best friend of the next guitar star. Weird business music is.  
Marketing pickups is really tough. What you have to do basically is convince your target audience that you provide the same service that Seymour Duncan provides Jeff Beck. REally thats what the small "boutique" hand winders do. ....Dave