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Re: lets hear it for the boys....

5/9/2005 5:55 AM
Wild Bill
Re: lets hear it for the boys....
---"Wouldn't mind seeing all the retires fat pensions dissapear though'  
-"So it's OK with you if long-standing contracts are simply ignored?  
Would it be OK if your bank decided one day that they really need more money and they put the house you live in on sale?  
Once upon a time a deal was a deal..."  
Mark, in theory you're right but if that bank is going to shut a business down because it's no longer profitable and can't pay its debts you would think it would be in both the company and the union's interest to work something out.  
The bank couldn't care less about the union contract!  
We've all seen companies go out of business after a long strike. Somehow I can't believe that they actually were rolling in money and went out of business just to be pricky to the union...  
---Wild Bill

Mark Lavelle [QUOTE][...] you would think it wou... -- 5/9/2005 11:52 AM