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Re: lets hear it for the boys....

5/9/2005 1:18 AM
pierre debsRe: lets hear it for the boys....
IBM sold its, ....drumrol.....l, COMPUTER division to a chinese company!  
GM and Ford made something like 75% of their income from financing(GMAC, etc...) that means that what they produce accounts for 1/4 of their income. Is that weird?  
BUT, The new Forbes has the new list for the Billionaires, They had a VERY good year.  
I like the fact that bush is lecturing Putin about Democracy and Freedom. 80% of the Rusians live with 250 dollars a month!  
Thats too few for Bush.  
I am not communnist, I don´t have the answers, but something smells like rotting death to me.  
Let´s hear it for the boys!!!!

Wild Bill ---"Wouldn't mind seeing all the re... -- 5/9/2005 5:55 AM