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Re: Follow-up - civil discourse-long

5/4/2005 2:58 PM
anonymousRe: Follow-up - civil discourse-long
"...George Bush as an asshole..."  
This is true by any definition of the word I have ever heard.  
"...the academic elite is composed mostly of very left leaning liberals. You can express your views if they are contrary, but you have to be willing to pay the price..."  
The price is that you must have facts to support your arguments. When you try to support them with propaganda, they will not hold up. The "left leaning liberal" will have his facts straight.  
Amusing the way people like yourself always try to point out Clinton's faults when those of Bush are brought up - as if it has anything to do with it.  
"...On Bush being corrupt. If there were evidence for a fraction of the allegations out there..."  
There's absolute proof of much of it, yet nothing is done about it. That's the point.  
"...The liberal elite control most of the major media outlets in this country..."  
Repeating soundbites programmed into you by Fox news and the right-wing propaganda radio you listen to does not make it true.  
"...remember Dan Rather..."  
Do you remember that the story was absolutely true, and that only a particular document was not?

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