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Re: Why can't I get links to work?

11/18/2004 11:19 AM
Greg PRe: Why can't I get links to work?
Dave, I agree with you. I don't not know how 59 + million people could be so willingfully ignorant.  
What I have learned in the past four years is:  
1. The only crime you can be found guilty of is thinking to small - Enron, Iraq, tax cuts  
2. Incompetence will be rewarded  
Dave, don't worry, the election results were not a landslide, even though the majority party will clearly paint it as an overwhelming mandate from the people. The minority party is digging its heels in and we will resort to the same tactics employed by the neocons to bring the US back to a moderate, centrist position. The neocons have a fourty year headstart on us, but we don't have the learning curve to deal with.  
We will be firing up think tanks all over DC, just like the neocons did. We will have funding from very rich interests, just like the neocons did. We will not, however, have the corporate elite rooting for us. Just the liberal elites, who are generally not as rich or powerful as the corporate elite.

Ignorant Idiot Mandate? -- 11/18/2004 3:25 PM