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Re: On election polls

11/1/2004 6:00 PM
Re: On election polls
Hey Mark,  
You are just emphasizing my point. The question was posed towards the pollsters not to you. How representive is the sampling from these polling organizations? They never tell us the diversity of the sample, and only sometimes tell us how large or small the sample was. Thus, how representative are these polls? I would suspect that they are not very representative based on the lack of diversity information. If I stand outside the local Starbucks and start asking questions, would the answers be even close between Berkeley and Oklahoma City? I highly doubt it. Again, your point about methodolgy is key to how we receive this data. We have no clue as to the methodology used by the pollsters, unless you research them yourself. So, are they accurate? I doubt it.

Mark Hammer Although it would be comforting to ... -- 11/2/2004 7:31 AM