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Re: The Peace Train stopped in Bangor

9/28/2004 4:11 PM
Re: The Peace Train stopped in Bangor
You bring up a great point Mark. Terrorism is clearly not a black and white issue, yet Bush has defined this issue (and many more) as just that. Having convictions is fine, but to blind yourself with your convictions is just plain zealotry. It makes me inordinately uncomfortable that our president doesn't look at issues from all angles, besides the fact that it makes him look like the cowboy he is to the world. Shot first (from the hip mind you), ask questions later.  
I just talked to a good friend who is a staunch conservative and even he believes that Bush doesn't take the time to think things through and that his knee jerk (re)actions have caused the US a lot of problems. He also took offense with Bush using the politics of fear as a campaign platform, stating that it is ludicrous to say that if Kerry were elected that we'd be attacked by terrorists. He also found the use of 9/11 video footage in his adds to be offensive. If anyone has the right to upset about this it would be him. He watched the towers burn and fall from his office across the river in Jersey.  
It takes a little more to be a good leader than to have convictions and resolve.

Undecided It takes a little more to be a g... -- 9/28/2004 7:24 PM