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Re: The Peace Train stopped in Bangor

9/28/2004 2:08 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: The Peace Train stopped in Bangor
This feels like a breath mint commercial, but....  
STOP!! You're BOTH right!  
It's a mistake to frame things as an either/or choice. It's also a mistake to broach such matters with an intent to have seamless safety. NONE of that means one takes it lightly, or that one declares "Oh well, since you can't prevent ALL terrorist attacks, why bother?". Clearly the idea is to work on ALL pressing issues, national safety and security, environment, human rights, and the rest of it. The trick is to identify that point where you're creating huge problems in exchange for precious little return on investment.  
If security measures intended to increase protection from so-called Islamist threats increment security by .00000000001% but boost resentment towards the west by 20%, have you really gained anything? That is the real threat of jingoism: that you get so caught up in "principles" you lose site of whether you've broken your wrist beyond repair while you slam your fist on the counter to make a point. The *emotional* response to 09/11 was entirely appropriate. The legislative and operational response may be much less successful or effective (or even needed) than anticipated. I'm not gonna slag anyone for having concerns or principles, but neither are a substitute for good judgment.

Darin You bring up a great point Mark. Te... -- 9/28/2004 4:11 PM