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Re: Goodbye Ronny!

6/6/2004 6:02 PM
The ConservativeRe: Goodbye Ronny!
Fwanky, I don't agree with your accessment that Reagan was the greatest president of all time. Why? Because he practiced voodoo economics and he had this peculiar devotion to the religious far right, that's why.  
But I will compromise with you. I'll say Ronnie was the best actor we ever had for president. Unfortunately he didn't really have too much competition in this category.  
As far as his economics were concerned: 1) Reagan never balanced a budget and 2) Reagan tripled the national debt. Neither one of these strategies passes for being a conservative as he claimed. Both of these strategies lead to inflation which happens to be the most hideous tax known to man. If we judge him by these criteria then I'd have to say he was certainly one of the most fiscally irresponsible presidents we have ever had.  
On the positive side, I liked his stand on taxes. No -- Reagan did not lower taxes as everybody claims. Instead he lowered some taxes and raised others to even things out and to make the tax system flatter rather than progressive. For example, he raised taxes on long term capital gains which was a big blow to the wealthy. I like a flat tax and so did Reagan. You have to give him credit for that.