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Re: Recording DVD to VHS ?

12/15/2005 4:52 PM
Steve A.
Re: Recording DVD to VHS ?
jaysg said:  
I've found that some copy nicely and others kind of pump darker then lighter then darker and so forth.  
    That sounds like the macrovision copy protection kicking in... I had an old Proscan VCR that was built in the Toshiba factory and did not have the electronic circuitry that Macrovision would access for their copy protection- I could copy practically any VHS or DVD with that deck, but it isn't working too well anymore. :(  
    Some of the USB capture boxes would allow you to record the DVD movie on your hard drive, and then play it back for your VHS to record. (My ADS Instant DVD 2 would do that but the last time I checked it wasn't working at all.) However some of the capture boxes (like the TDK Indicapture) will not work if the copyright bit in the video stream is activated.  
    Right now I am trying to dub some music VHS tapes I rented to DVD with my Toshiba D-VR3 combination DVD recorder/VHS deck. I was able to get the dub feature to work last night, but not today. :( (I did get the old Fleetwood Mac tape with Peter Green dubbed to DVD, which was my main goal.)  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Macrovision creates problems even if you don't try to tape DVD's... Normally you could plug the DVD player into the Aux in jacks of your VHS deck, and then monitor the Aux input to watch your DVD on your TV. But if you try you will probably have the copyprotection screw up the picture. So Radio Shack sells a lot of switch boxes to allow your TV to select between your VCR and your DVD player.