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Re: Ebay is really starting to SUCK!

11/15/2005 8:57 PM
Steve the HotheadRe: Ebay is really starting to SUCK!
Yes they had good feedback and that is what threw me about buying from them. Normally I will not buy from some one with lots of negatives but both these  
two had low feedback but good feedback.  
At least the parts person emailed me earlier and said that one part was out of stock but the other part just got mailed out so that's a bit better.  
seems you really cannot buy a guitar of the internet as its a 50-50 chance of getting a good one or a POS.  
But I do like used guitars for their MOJO... :) LOL  

Mark Lavelle [QUOTE]... both these two had low f... -- 11/16/2005 10:54 AM