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Ebay is really starting to SUCK!

11/15/2005 6:49 AM
Steve the hotheadEbay is really starting to SUCK!
Long ranting...  
Well lets see where do I start? at the last three auctions I've won,  
I just won two electric guitars within two days, this was a month ago, both vintage Kramer guitars from two different Ebayers.  
On one auction the person selling states the guitar is in good condition and just needs to be setup. Yeah Right, BS...  
I get the guitar and the body is cracked in two places with about a million chips and dents and the Floyd Rose trem is chewed up and the neck is warped, but the auction says all sales final and NO returns.  
I Got screwed on that one, Then I get another Kramer vintage guitar and get it a a good sale price...So I thought, the seller charges me $45.00 to ship the guitar thru UPS ground and I ask in an email that he please pack this guitar very careful and pack the extras so they don't bounce around in the guitar case. He emails me back once and states everything will be packed up extra well and not to worry.  
Well I pay immediately thru paypal and the seller does not ever email me back but ships the guitar thru DHL instead, I get the guitar left out in the wide open at my doorstep while I was home and the DHL driver never rang my doorbell so the guitar sits outside in the heat for who knows how long?  
When I open my front door to my suprise there sits a guitar case not boxed but one big tyewrap to keep the case closed. I'm pissed as I open the case and the guitar is all wet from condensation, plus the trem arm and wrench have been bouncing around the case nicking the guitar finish.  
The case was scuffed from delivery. I call DHL and they can't tell me shit because there system is slow at updating the cost of shipping.  
I then Email the guy that sent the guitar about not boxing it like I asked and he sends back a crappy email saying that sending in just a tolexed guitar case is OK and he is justified the way he sent this. BS...  
I wait a week and call DHL back and find the sender shipped the guitar thru his place he works at paying a total of $6.40 to ship and the biz paid for this as he snuck it past their system without them knowing he charged the shipping to them.  
I email this guy about this and he says he is still justified in charging me the $45.00 for shipping and states case closed.  
Well I got into a pissing email match with him and told him that I will report him to Ebay and to his place he works if he doesn't at least give me a partial shipping refund, well to say the least it takes numerous threats to finally get him to send $19.00 back to me after major threats of turning him in.  
He stills sends an email back with total arrogance of his actions.  
I won't even go into the third Ebay auction as I ordered some parts from a internet guitar parts biz that's only 10 miles from my home, pay immediately thru PP and get an email that the parts are in stock and they will email me when sent out. and two weeks later, no parts and no response to any of my 6 emails I sent on where the parts are, or if they were even shipped or what!  
WTF...Is this a bad month or what???  
My rant for the morning.  
Steve THH

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