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Re: Very funny WMV video to download (13MB)

11/13/2005 1:12 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Very funny WMV video to download (13MB)
Actually, the best part was Stewie's little tricycle ride. The number of pop culture references per second in there was simply blinding. "The Omen", "The Simpsons", "Doom", every PS1 racing game ever, and more. My wife is hoping for a DVD of Stewie's greatest rants. He had one that castigated someone downloading Simpsons episodes and memorizing them (like we don't all know the words to Mr. Plow!), and hanging out stoned at the Taco Bell at 2AM, that was simply timeless.  
The show IS over the top, contains a lot of sexual references that are extremely difficult to explain to anyone under 11 or 12, and often on way too early for the bedtime of too many youngsters, but there are times it hits its targets with deadly accuracy. I don't think the focus of that segment was Bin Laden, but rather stupid outtakes shows which pass for culture and TV art. If people flubbing their lines is quintessentially funny and "content", then it ought to be funny when ANYONE does it, right? If memory serves, this same show had a brief snippet some time back where Adolf Hitler was alive and had a Sally Jesse Raphael-type talk show.  
Of course, all of that presumes a post-modern self-referential approach to TV comedy, and not all viewers can or do adopt that approach when watching TV. As with a lot of post-modern "art" what the developer thinks of as humorous or thoughtful or provocative or laced with double and deeper meanings comes across as just plain insensitive and hurtful to those who lack the same context. I'm not entirely sure I would trust Fox TV to be able to recognize that difference.

Steve A. Mark:  &n... -- 11/13/2005 2:10 PM