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Re: Should this Band be BANNED from the Radio?

11/2/2005 7:17 PM
GregPRe: Should this Band be BANNED from the Radio?
Actually Carl, Native American's are.  
How many casino's do they have? I just heard this evening on NPR that Jack Abramoff received $32 million from one tribe that had 850 members. 850 members and they could afford $32 million dollars for a lobbyist? That's some serious scratch.  
A tribe sets up a casino, and they start raking in the dough.  
I think its great. I don't gamble, don't understand  
it. But I like seeing them take the lemons the government gave them and turn it into lemonaid. Isn't that the American way?  
As for these two little girls, I say the market will flush them out soon enough. Unless they get some really hip management. Saw a segment on these two a short time ago on the tube. Not a very good product they're peddling. A select market will be faithful consumers, but they will not reach the mainstream with out some serious retooling.