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the best: RIVNUTS !!

9/20/2005 12:19 PM
the best: RIVNUTS !!
Hey D-  
I use these things and they work GREAT! Try "rivnuts", available from McMaster-Carr and other supply houses. They are installed with a rivet-type gun but it has a threaded plunger to pinch the body of the nut into different thicknesses of metal. You buy the thread size you want and then select the appropriate 'head length' depending on how thick your chassis is.  
A typical 8-32 size nut requires a clean 1/4" hole.  
a 6-32 may only need a 7/32 etc. They withstand good torque too- I've never had one turn into a 'spinner'. Unlike PEM nuts though they don't wiggle around so you have to be precise where you locate them and your bolt hole has to be square with the nut, but otherwise they're easy to work with.  

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