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9/13/2005 6:24 AM
Steve the hotheadRe:
I thought Clinton was an ok presidnet and I voted for him for both terms. I shure didn't vote for Bush Sr. Never cared for him at all.  
Its a damn shame in this country when ALL we have are dubyas and whatever goof the dems can come up with!  
I still think the only reason we have dubya is cause of Karl Rove. I wonder how Karl will manipulate the system next election to get the Repubs in? And I wonder if Chenney is gonna run next term? I sure hope NOT!  
But I wonder now if a Rebub will make it in the next election anyway as I feel they may have lost the black vote. And thats a pretty big vote too.  
I wonder who will be up for the next election?  
Collin Powell would be a good candidate to run but I don't think he wants too. He seems to be a honest guy. but is he TOO loyal to the Repubs? Thats the question.  
Like I said before, Looks like the networks are gearing our minds up for the next woman president with that new show (Commander in Chief).  
Maybe Donald Sutherland should run...LOL...It shure wouldn't suprise me at all.

rooster Joe Walsh, man.roos... -- 9/13/2005 6:46 AM