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Re: Bill Orielly says...

9/10/2005 7:50 PM
Steve the HotheadRe: Bill Orielly says...
Why the hell is it that every time a Republican fucks up he gets off scott free without getting any real trouble other than MAYBE a slap on the hand but when a Democrat fucks up he gets his butt reamed? The democrats are pussies or what???  
Seems the Repub party is in such tight control in the government that we may never see any good come to the regular working folks anymore? We are getting bent over and reamed constantly for money while the rich just keep getting richer!!!  
Lets see hi gas prices, Hi home appraisal taxes, getting higher all the time! I could go on and on!  
Now they say there is an investigation going on with the oil companies over price gouging.  
Yeah Right!!! I'll believe it when I see the gas price go down to under 2 dollars! Don't hold your breath on that one folks!  
You can bet the oil co. will come up with some  
f%^king BS lies to tell everyone so that gas will continue to getting even higher all the while the oil companies are just getting rich, rich, richer!  
At 8 billion a quarter too.  
To sum up most repubs are usually white, arrogant, greedy, not caring for others and full of vanity over themselves, thinking they are just better than anyone else type of people.  
Oh yeah, and they constanly change to rules to make things only work in their favor too!  
Need I say more???  

rooster As far as them getting off scott-fr... -- 9/11/2005 3:47 PM