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Re: AC'97 Onboard Sound

9/6/2005 6:24 PM
Henry Ramsey
Re: AC'97 Onboard Sound
Thank you for your reply,  
I'm going to do the one thing I've been avoiding: doing a windows overlay. I talked to a techie at the computer store that I go to here in town and he assures me it won't break the software that's there. Since that was my big worry I'm going to try a simple the overlay.  
I asked a him about the problem with the sound system. When I told him I hadn't overlayed windows he said that's where I should start. Failing that I'm going to abandon the onboard sound in favor of a PCI soundcard. The go for $15 so it's cheap too.  
I'm certain that the whole problem is a Windows problem. I've had this same problem before as I said. It occured suddenly once with an SB5.1 live and another SHuttle board with onboard sound.  
In neither case was I installing a new mainboard in an old system either. The SB5.1 was installed in a system with no sound system at all. It was a Super-Socket7 board without onboard sound. The exact thing happened. I put in the drivers, card, and though it showed as working in the device manager it worked for a long time. Then one day it suddenly showed 'no playback devices' in the control panel Audio tab. I later changed boards and with a fresh installation of windows(formatted new, blank HDD) had the same problem again with a Shuttle Hot591P. The onboard sound would not work. The aforementioned problem with the control panel Audio tab settings.  
I eventually fixed it both times by modifing the registry, but I can't for the life of me remember what I did.  
I neither case was there any hardware related(IRQ) problem though, AFAIK. So almost absolutly certain it's not hardware related(IRQ conflict).  
As for backing up the HDD. Yeah, I've got a copy stored on my HDD from nero backitup. I attached his HDD to my computer and used backitup. I initally wanted a DVD with the data, but DVD burner made coasters instead. I tried three times and three coasters were the result. #$@#%@ thing kept burning them 'successfully' but wouldn't read them back. ARG! It's only 1.97g compressed so it's just fine for now.  
Final rant:  
$%#^##^% WINDOWS! ARG!  
Thanks for reading this,  

Steve A. Henry said: -- 9/6/2005 6:46 PM