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Re: cell phone jammers

7/27/2005 1:52 PM
Ray Ivers
Re: cell phone jammers
I talked to a Navy radar tech a few years ago who told me that the air-search radars on the guided-missile boats will fry entire flocks of seagulls nearly instantaneously. He was hesitant to tell me exactly how he knew this ;) but was adamant about it being true.  
Having dealt with the FCC fairly regularly since 1978, I can tell you that the current PA-based fee-processing entity is a far cry from the white-van-with-rotating-dish-on-roof 'glory days' of the FCC, at least according to the ex "field agents" I've met now and again. I'm sure some monitoring is conducted on a regular basis, but I think that mobile jamming would have to get pretty bad before any money would be spent on investigating it. Although I might be wrong, I sincerely hope that won't dissuade anyone from their jamming efforts... I wonder how a stun gun's electrodes protruding into a 1/4-wave slotted-aperture waveguide might work...:D  
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