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Re: cell phone jammers

7/27/2005 10:56 AM
Re: cell phone jammers
"Well, as I understand it, the EMP needs to be of sufficient magnitude to induce sufficient current into the circuits to fry semiconductor juntions. "
This is true. The Tesla coil, from what I was told by an EE prof way back when, would be able to interrupt the ignition system enough to stall the car(s) nearby. I imagine it would do something similar to the phone(s) in the same area. Best to have an old points/condensor ignition system in your car if you plan to do this sort of thing....  
Maybe the plans for the old MiG (MiG-29?) radar unit are on the web somewhere. Then you could direct the pulse of RF at a particular point. From what I've heard, the transmitters on those were powerful enough to cook small animals. I bet one of those set up on the right freq would be able to toast a cell phone.... Of course, if the cell phone user had a pacemaker, it'd toast that as well.  
"It's probably dangerous to have fantasies - despite their being beyond one's technical abilities or ability to acquire materials - with the "Patriot" Act in place (and someone in another post was raging about "communism" - go figger?)."
Yeah, probably. Of course, this convo is all about blowing hot air.... ;^) Communism? More like Corporate Fascism. All of the Patriots who sacrificed their lives over the past 229 years to provide us with a free country are rolling over in their graves at RPM rates that would make a crotch-rocket's valves float. "Step outa line, the man come and take you away...." Seems like it's been going on a lot longer than ol' Bushy Boy has been in office. I suspect it was getting started in the '50s or maybe even the late '40s. Eisenhower tried to warn us....  
I sure hope we survive this technological adolescence.  
C ya,  

Ray Ivers Dutch,I talked to a... -- 7/27/2005 1:52 PM