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Re: Building a LOUD radio

6/17/2005 7:23 AM
anonymousRe: Building a LOUD radio
Already ordered cheap speakers, it should work fine. Not worried about bass either. Should be cheapest or at least even to anything I can find elsewhere, based on prices I've seen before. I can never find any of this stuff secondhand in Oklahoma for reasonable prices.  
No one ever complains about the music. There's a crew of 5 people max in the booth we occupy, shouldn't be able to hear it in any of the other work areas. Being that I live and grew up in Oklahoma, as have all of my co-workers, we're accustomed to country music and though it isn't something I listen to by choice I'd rather listen to it than nothing. I just like music. Usually we tune into a station that plays classic rock tunes mixed with some of the better modern stuff and early 90's rock, I think it's the KAT out of Oklahoma City.