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Re: Karl Rove

4/20/2005 7:28 AM
Wild Bill
Re: Karl Rove
Looking at this discussion as a Canadian outsider, I can't help but feel that this situation of each side demonizing the other was inevitable. What's more, even though a HUGE chunk of the criticism of Bush and his circle is probably true it seems to me the "liberals" asked for it!  
"Reap the whirlwind", as it were.  
I say this as a political junkie of nearly 40 years (I got hooked during my teens). Over the past few decades there WAS a "liberal bias". Not an active conspiracy but rather as Firesign Theatre would have said "A whole bunch of guys who dress (think) alike".  
Not only did "liberal" values become fashionable in media and academic circles but it also became open season on "conservative" values. If you were uncomfortable with same sex issues you weren't someone with a different view or a product of different times but rather someone "mean" and "homophobic". If you criticized the administration of social programs for being inefficient and wasteful of tax dollars you were usually dismissed as some right wing zealot who hated poor people.  
Surely you folks noticed how it was so difficult these past decades to be a black or gay Republican or conservative? Am I the only one to remember how when Reagan appointed a black judge to your Supreme court many "Jesse Jackson" type black leaders (all Democrat, of course!) reviled him as being a sellout to his race for not being a liberal?  
I noticed such examples in the press and on tv almost everyday. They have gone on so long that the labeling became the "truth". Even as long ago as when I went to the local university there were "liberal" profs who failed you if you didn't agree with their slant. I know - I had two of them!  
Here in Canada the situation has been even worse. Last year a Quebec University bowed to the student union pressure and barred an Israeli professor from coming for a talk. This after having repeatedly hosted PLO spokesmen calling for violent means.  
So much for free speech today on campus...  
If you didn't buy the liberal reasoning you quickly learned to keep your mouth shut at parties or social events. Rush Limbaugh stretches a lot of things too far for my logic to follow but he was dead on when he said that "Liberals define freedom as the freedom to agree!"  
Not all liberals, of course. Still, the reasonable and tolerant ones never seemed to mind letting the rabid ones lead the way.  
Please note that I'm not talking about who's right and who's wrong - just about a lack of tolerance and respect for differing viewpoints. Most "liberals" have gone so far they don't even realise anymore what they're doing. Note how some of the posts in this thread appear. Someone calls a Republican profane names with mainly ad hominem arguments and when challenged on the bias of his message THEN cleans up his language and attempts to sound reasonable, as if to imply he was such all along!  
I hate making predictions of nasty things and being proven right but in this case what I feared most has come to pass. People who didn't agree with modern liberalism didn't just shut up and go away because they were scolded and called nasty names - they nursed resentment! It's just human nature. You can force someone to shut up but you can't change his mind simply by vilifying him.  
The conservative portion of society never shrank, it just silently seethed. Folks get resentful when someone tells them that if they won't swallow their sacred cow they must be intolerant and mean spirited.  
The pendulum always swings and a backlash was inevitable. A lot of people woke up and thought "I'm not wrong, damn it! And I'm not a bad person for thinking so!" They began to flex their political muscle and government became "conservative".  
Even worse (and just as inevitable) they now call the LIBERALS the nasty names!  
Sadly, once again human nature asserts itself. These swings of the social pendulum tend to be driven by emotion more than reason. Bush and his like did not win so much by approval as a reaction AGAINST the opponents!  
When people are pissed off they tend not to be very objective. They were resentful of the Democrats for being the champions of arrogant liberalism and never looked too closely at Bush as a suitable champion for their own beliefs.  
Again, please note I'm not denying in the slightest he appears to be a flawed leader. I'm talking about how he got there!  
Liberalism has brought it upon itself - "Reap the whirlwind!"  
---Wild Bill

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