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Re: Sorry everyone....

4/13/2005 1:02 PM
Re: Sorry everyone....
Actually I think the huge percentage of tax that is levied upon fuel is the only example needed to determine precisely to which degree a taxing authority is in partnership with an oil or fueling company.  
Until that authority ceases and desists from energy taxation completely, any of its apparent support or effort at energy conservation is obviously such a fundamental conflict of interest that it amounts to pure fraud. Whenever these two antitheses co-exist in an institution, someone at that institution is lying to you through their teeth about either taxation, conservation, or both.  
When a bureaucrat or anyone else does not understand this simple concept, then it would foolish to expect them to be capable of very much good logic in other important areas.  
Politics cost us more than the recent percentage increases whether due to shortages or greed. One thing that would help which has been discussed before would be changes to the democratic voting system. We need the ability to give no-confidence votes to candidates who become unpopular, so that if they become unpopular enough they can be banned from elected office or perhaps even public service of any type.  
It would be a lot better if everyone who appears on a ballot only gets one chance to run without the no-confidence catagory available for voters to select from. Any re-elections then would be subject to the possibility that citizens who became disenfranchised during the particular regime would then vote *no-confidence* during the next election, and a no-confidence vote would need to count against a candidate much more so than just a vote for a different candidate would.  
Then further progress could logically address an effective way to vote no-confidence on a straight-party ticket. Otherwise citizens may not be able to get rid of modern crooks unless they come up with a more popular alternative of their own from a different party. Through time an alternative will prevail eventually but a lot of irreparable damage can occur while waiting for such a messiah. We need to be able to efficiently get rid of whole political parties with focused effort once a large enough demographic group has been defrauded or offended seriously enough, without having to rely on a central leadership from an opposition party.