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Re: SMokers - another issue

2/24/2005 7:46 AM
patRe: SMokers - another issue
I'm a former smoker who quit when I was 23 (28 years ago). I really really don't like cigarette smoke, and lung cancer took out both of my parents who smoked. And, I am glad that I now can stop in to see my friends band play without having to wade through all the smoke, as the city has passed a no smoking ordinance in bars.  
However, this company in Michigan (I saw it on the news) has stepped way over the line. As someone here said previously, changing the rules of employment after the fact is just plain wrong. I'm also not very sympathetic towards labor unions based on my personal life experience with them. However, employers like this invite union activity. They think employees who smoke are expensive? Wait till the union gets a foothold. Wages go up and production goes down. The company attempting to regulate every aspect of their employee's lives is just asking for trouble.  
This reminds me the last supervisor I had before I retired. As a telecom tech I was on call 24/7 one week each month. He took me to task one day because he couldn't contact me on my work cell after hours one night. I explained to him that I turn it off in the evening when I'm not on call. He said I needed to keep it with me all the time because that is how he would get ahold of me if he needed me after hours. I pointed out to him that would be the same as being "on call" all of the time. He honestly didn't see the contradiction. He would fit in real well at this company in Michagan.  
While I no longer smoke, I do understand how difficult it is to stop, and I also understand that some people just plain enjoy it, and are willing to take the risk of continuing the habit. Not everyone who smokes gets some dreaded disease.  
I'm certain there are things that I do that put me at risk for something. I happen to drink alot of Crystal Light soft drink. There are those who say this stuff is poison (Nutra-Sweet would be the culprit) for any number of reasons. Where is this going to stop?  
Nobody, nonsmokers included, is immune from some type of employer attempt to reach outside the work place to regulate your behavior on your time. It will be interesting to see how this case pans out.

Mark Hammer Then I suggest you make it a point ... -- 2/24/2005 12:05 PM