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Re: Unions and Wal-Mart

2/19/2005 5:54 PM
Wild Bill
Re: Unions and Wal-Mart
I agree with Marks' opinion of union leadership, I just think that it's only half the story.  
Usually the management is just as loopy!  
The two go hand in hand. When you're playing by loopy rules, nice guys lose. End of story...  
The problem is that inevitably all this wasteful fighting drives up the cost of goods or services. This was not a problem domestically in the past - we all just paid the higher price. Now we have competition from other areas of the world with much lower overheads and they're killing us in the marketplace.  
Unions and management in North America don't seem to realise their true enemy is not each other but their mutual competitors.  
Henry Ford deliberately priced his cars so that his workers could afford to buy their own vehicle. He well understood that this was the best way to ensure a market. Today it seems crazy to move jobs offshore. After all, how will unemployed laid-off workers afford to buy the products?  
It's not so crazy when you think about it. By the time this becomes a significant factor in the North American economy a new crop of suits will have to deal with the problem. The old crop who caused the situation to happen will long since have made their pile and buggered off into the sunset.  
Meanwhile, I'm more suspicious of federal trade policies that trade real goods for international political support. I hope it's better in the States but here in Canada I can't understand how local strawberry producers get the crap beat outta their prices by fresh berries air-freighted from Yugoslavia! It's obvious that their product is heavily subsidized, which makes a mockery of the idea of free trade.  
We also have a problem with steel coming in from countries like China, that seem to have never heard of the idea of pollution. Our domestic producers have to build anti-pollution costs into the price - China doesn't and thus has a great competitive advantage. I would support a tariff against Chinese steel equal to domestic costs for pollution control. No one in our government seems to want to talk about it, despite how being against polluting the planet is a sacred cow.  
And our political numbskull leaders signed the Kyoto Protocol! A protocol that exempts China as a third world underdeveloped country and suggests that if we can't meet our own targets we should give THEM money for emission credits! This does diddley to clean up the planet and serves only as a wealth re-distribution scheme.  
China has announced a lunar landing program. This is a third world underdeveloped nation?  
Not meaning to go conspiracy nutty here but something doesn't add up. Either there's something we're not being told or our leaders are just loopy.  
Actually, being stupid is a distinct possibility. It's been said that "you should never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity". Politicians tend to spring from lawyers and political science majors - not the most practical of backgrounds to cope with these problems.  
---Wild Bill

Mark Hammer I agree with both you guys about un... -- 2/22/2005 10:45 AM