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Re: How best to ship a Pro Reverb?

12/16/2004 10:14 PM
Re: How best to ship a Pro Reverb?
Boxes do get smashed promtly, but perhaps you can talk to a salesman at a store and ask if they would hold out a box for you. Ask while buying a set of strings or something so you look like a customer.  
Those little shipping stores do charge an arm and a leg, go back and smack the guy who sent you there.  
If you can get a matress box from a furniture store or a large appliance box, you can make your own box by cutting the big one down with a razor blade and taping it up. Think of the cardboard as extra heavy wrapping paper.  
A guy just shipped me a Samson powered subwoofer from a town maybe 90 miles away. The thing weighed 92 pounds, and was over two feet on a side. I think it fit through the door, but barely. We opened the loading dock anyway. I talked to him about sending it back, and not very confident that Samson was going to pay the same amount to send it back. He had paid over $80 to ship it. He is driving down for it. Long story to say, he created a box for it by cutting large slabs of cardboard and taping it up.

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