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Re: How best to ship a Deluxe Reverb?

12/4/2004 9:18 AM
Re: How best to ship a Deluxe Reverb?
Maybe you can find a co. that boxes or would crate it for you for hopefully not an arm and a leg. I shipped one and built a box out of plywood and 2x4's. Packed it with two inch foam all the way around it and taped the foam in a cross configuration. Took the tubes out and bubble wrapped them and stuck them inside the cab taped to it. Stuck the foamed amp inside the crate and that inside a box. Put fragile stickers (not like that helped)on all sides and had no problems. Of course it depends on how far you ship it and how many depots it goes thru.  

Rob B. Do everything mentioned, but pull t... -- 12/5/2004 10:29 AM