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Re: Apologies in advance for the length

9/8/2004 12:59 PM
Re: Apologies in advance for the length
*The motivation that underlies things like anti-smoking bylaws and a host of other "intrusive" things is absolutely identical to the motivation that underlies stop signs: the moral responsibility to protect the welfare of all citizens without prejudice.*  
I don't think I can buy this. But if the assumption is assumed by bureaucracy as valid, that may explain why some bureaucrats will experience difficulty getting a clue as they honestly attempt to protect the welfare of all citizens in other ways.  
The most fundamental traffic control measures on public streets are the exact ones which not just a majority of citizens can agree on, but all citizens can, making this effort a slam dunk when it comes to the welfare of all citizens. In the public trust, government is simply being expected to perform exactly as private individuals would do on private roads without government influence.  
Not the same as anti-smoking efforts which have no unanimous basis.  
I think a good test is to see how close the government behavior resembles what a private individual would do in a private situation which he has authority over. Then if the welfare of ALL citizens is not better protected, proceed to determine the impact on those who are not.