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Re: IT Unemployment #'s - FYI

8/5/2004 12:43 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: IT Unemployment #'s - FYI
Hear of it? It's what I breathe. Someone's always trying to sell me something. If it's not cell-phones then it's a retirement investment plan, and if it's not a retirement investment plan then it's a reason to support a union, and if it's not that then it's reason to give more/less money to education or a reason to support a military initiative. Buy-in is important to getting anything off the ground, whether a war, a grocery purchase, or the first song of your band practice, and buy-in doesn't come out of thin air.  
Yeah, I've heard of it. ;)  
I accept pretty much all your points. In the grand scheme of things, though, where some would attribute the functioning of government to about 60% Macheavellian conspiracy and 40% other things, I'd attribute it to about 20% ineptitude, 30% chaos, disorganization and happenstance, maybe 10% conspiracy/propaganda, and the rest other things. I can understand how different relationships to and within government will create the perception of different sorts of weightings of these same factors.

Dutch [QUOTE]I'd attribute it to about 20... -- 8/5/2004 5:47 PM