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Re: Warmoth quality

11/23/2005 10:09 AM
Steve the HotheadRe: Warmoth quality
Hey Fellas,  
I've built at least three Warmoth strats and two USA custom strats since the mid 90's and all came out good.  
Both companies have excellent products and Tommy at USA used to work for Warmoth for many years before opening USA custom.  
Tommy will work with you on getting whatever you want, he's really cool about that.  
Warmoth carries great products but will not work with you like Tommy will.  
The trick to keeping a stable neck for years is to seal it with a good lacquer or tung oil.  
I prefer at least 6 to 8 coats of tung oil and you talk about a really fast neck. Yowza...  
To me the one thing a strat lacks is that killer 80's fast neck that Charvel and Kramer were doing.  
IMO the best strat will have the good thick SRV strat tone but with a killer feeling neck that is effortless to play.  
If using lacquer get the reranch stuff as it works perfect.  
Getting a good neck/ body tone that works well is kinda tough. its a hit or miss type problem but in saying that most strats you play at the local GC will have that hit or miss combo as well.  
I feel rolling your own guitar is much more rewarding.  
Regarding the Carvin necks, I've used one in a build and it did play excellent and it was one neck I didn't even need to do a fret level on to still get a real low action so they do make them well.  

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